TWN Launches Forged Carbon Fiber Hydrographic Film

Forged Carbon Fiber

From Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Bentleys, and BMWs, forged carbon fiber is taking the automotive landscape by storm. Today we are allowing you to capitalize on this trend with our all-new hyper-realistic forged carbon hydrographic film. Now automotive manufacturers, OEMs, and aftermarket processors can apply our awe-inspiring forged carbon fiber film to dash consoles, automotive trim, engine covers, and much more.

What Makes TWN’s Forged Carbon Hydrographic Film Unique?

  1. Completely different aesthetic from traditional woven fibers
  2. Deep contrast and micro-detailing
  3. Customizable with any base coat color
  4. Can be applied to complex 3-dimensional parts
  5. Significantly lower cost to apply than real forged carbon fiber
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