Welcome to Virginia Hydro Designs - a Water Transfer Printing company located in Winchester, VA. Founded in January 2011, we are a family owned and operated team committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We are the area’s leading Water Transfer Printing specialists. With 10+ years in business, we have the experience you need for amazing results. Many different items like car parts, rims, deer skulls, plastic, wood, and metal can all be dipped. We specialize in car parts and interior, wheels, 4-wheeler plastics and sporting goods.

What is Hydro-Design?

There are many other names and descriptions for hydro-design; such as Water Transfer Printing, hydro-graphics, dipping and camo dipping. This process involves a specially designed hydro-graphics water tank and a specialty film. Wood, plastic, metal, skulls, and fiberglass are all examples of materials this design can be applied to. This process produces a very durable finish for any item. Hydro-graphics rule of thumb.. If it can be painted or withstand water submersion it can be dipped.